Top 6 mistakes to avoid when selling your home

Brace yourselves, people! This article is about to shatter everything you previously thought were the top mistakes to avoid when selling your home.

In this article, we will debunk everything you were told to consider as mistakes to avoid when selling your home, and reintroduce you to the REAL mistakes you are making that could be costing you both your money and precious time.

If this sounds like you, and you are looking for tips on how to sell your house fast without short-selling yourself, then read on, we’ve got juicy details in the next paragraphs.

The real mistakes to avoid when selling your home

  1. Hiring an agent

This may sound crazy, but unless the results fit your goals and pocket, then hiring an agent may be one of the top mistakes to avoid when selling your home.

Hiring an agent is slow, and makes the process a whole lot more complicated. If you do not need to make the sale urgently, or if you expect to be rewarded handsomely enough from the sale to cover commissions and closing costs, then you may go ahead and hire an agent.

If, on the other hand, closing as smoothly, quickly, and with as much cash to keep as possible is all you want to do, then considering a direct offer may be better suited for you. A direct offer will take the hassle off you by eliminating showings, expensive listings, repairs, major closing costs, and commissions. For more information about how to get a direct offer for your house, call Tgaz investments at (337)-227-9200.

  1. Wasting time on costly repairs and renovations

Going by what you may have been previously told, you may think that not throwing money at costly repairs and renovations is one mistake to avoid when selling your home. Wrong. Actually, spending money on repairs and renovations may actually be the mistake, and it may be costing you thousands of dollars in money that would otherwise have been yours.

If your house is in dire need of repairs, seeking an investor who will buy it in “as-is” condition and save you thousands of dollars in repairs may be a better option to consider. When it comes down to selling your home, just know that your options are not limited.

  1. Not expecting closing costs

Closing costs are real, and they are a killjoy. Repairs, renovations, taxes, fees, and commissions are a few examples of closing costs that are customary with selling a property. However, certain selling arrangements enable you to bypass most of these expenses. Need to know which of these arrangements suit you best? Call Tgaz investments at (337)-227-9200.

  1. Trying to sort out your mortgage and other loans first

While not considering your financial situation before you sell your house is definitely at the top of the list of mistakes to avoid when selling your home, trying to pay back every dime and penny that you owe may also not be a smart move.

If you have a large mortgage debt with an interest rate that swallows up most of your income, then selling your property and opting for a more affordable one with a more affordable mortgage and interest rate is one great option to consider. A selling option that offsets your mortgage debt and grants you immediate respite is, thus, one you should look into.

  1. Not getting the prices right

We hate to be the one to break it to you, but getting a price estimate off Zillow just won’t cut it. One of the top mistakes you may be making when selling your home is that you may be trying to sell at an unreasonable price. Get an appraisal or a direct offer to know where exactly you stand.

  1. Wasting time cleaning, clearing, and staging

Again, if you have no problem wasting money and spending months cleaning and clearing, then this may be a great option for you. However, if your goal is to sell your house fast, then this is pointless.

We will buy your house with all the clutter and excess stuff and take care of it ourselves. We can’t begin to mention how much that saves you in time, money, and energy.

The secret strategy

Selling your house with Tgaz Investments LLC is one great way to bypass the burdens that come along with selling a house.

With Tgaz Investments, you can skip the fancy appraisals, showings, staging, and other time-consuming expenses. We want to buy your house today.

Get in touch with us at (337)-227-9200.

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