How to avoid closing costs during your home sale

How to avoid closing costs the right way…

When you think about all the intricacies that go into selling a home, you might feel discouraged and wonder if there is any way at all to avoid closing costs.

Apart from your substantial time investment, the cost of organizing an open house, real estate agent commissions, repairs, and moving out of your old home or town may set you back up to 10 or 11% of your home’s sales price. This may leave you wondering how to avoid closing costs.

If you are one of the many people who decide that the expected closing costs for sellers are just too exorbitant, then stick around. In this article, we will be exploring the following:

  • What are closing costs?
  • How much are closing costs?
  • Who pays closing costs?
  • How to get closing costs waived

We will let you know how to avoid closing costs the best way we know how to. But first of all, what are closing costs?

What are closing costs?

Closing costs are the expenses and fees that come along with the sale of your home. These are usually incurred by both the buyer and the seller, however, they can be avoided in the case of the buyer.

If you’ve put your house up for sale, then you shouldn’t be too excited just yet when you find an ideal buyer, because alongside the profits come expenses.

For you, the seller, closing costs come in the form of transfer taxes, agent commissions, fees, costs of repairs, and payment for services. We help you eliminate the hassle by offering you a simplified buying process unlike any you have ever seen. Read on.

How much are closing costs?

The amount of money that you’re going to shell out in closing costs varies depending on a variety of reasons. Your state of residence, type of mortgage loan, and interest rate, alongside your mortgage lending company, are all factors that could affect the amount you pay in closing costs.

Generally speaking, closing costs are anything between 3- 11% of the total sales value of the home, with the most common range being between 10-11%. This means that if you sell your home for $150,000, you can end up losing as much as $16,000 to closing costs.

Who pays closing costs?

The burden of who pays closing costs are usually borne by both the buyer and seller. However, our simplified business model gives you, the seller, a chance to get out of all the closing obligations and commissions associated with selling a house, and in this post, we tell you exactly how to avoid closing costs.

How to get closing costs waived

Now, to the part that we’ve all been waiting for – how to get closing costs waived. When it comes down to selling your house on the open market, we are sad to be the first to tell you that there is no guaranteed way to wiggle out of paying closing costs. However, we have a much better option for you.

Our unique buying model helps you sell your house as it is, without the need for an expensive open house, repairs, commissions, or other closing costs. This greatly reduces the amount you will have to pay when selling your house.

We will buy your house (regardless of whether you have a loan or not) the way it is and take care of the rest. This way you potentially avoid spending thousands of dollars on the sale. This means that you not only get more value from the sale of your house but that you also have some extra change to put towards getting settled elsewhere.

We will cover all your closing costs that arise from the sale and do not take a real estate agent commission. This move alone saves you about 6% of your home’s sale price. Our method is fast and our offers are valuable. Why not call us today?

Get on the phone with Tgaz Investments LLC today by calling (337)-227-9200.

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