Hoarders: Top 7 packing tips for moving

Could you use a few packing tips for moving?

From the shelf filled with high school trophies to the stacks of neatly arranged books, picture frames, and other paraphernalia, a home is very much an extension of the people who have lived in it.

Moving, thus, can be quite an arduous task; one that requires you to sift through the rubble and box up every item. You may have inherited the place from a deceased loved one or simply not had time to deep-clean over the years, and now that it is time to move, you may find that you require packing tips for moving several respective items. We’ve got you covered.

In this post, we bring you the best 7 packing tips for moving, and in the end, we suggest a way better option for people who simply do not have the time to sort through the rubble or dispose of household items one after the other. Keep reading.

The best packing tips for moving

  • Estimate the number of boxes you will need

Averagely, home studies advise allocating about 10 storage boxes to pack up items in each room respectively. You do not have to spend a fortune or even a few extra bucks purchasing moving boxes, you can ask friends for their old boxes or take a trip to your local supermarket to get some for free.

  • Get extra boxes

Stock up on extra boxes just in case your estimates aren’t correct and you find yourself needing some extra storage space. You can, after all, never err on the side of caution.

  • Start decluttering early

You will be amazed at how much stuff gets accumulated over the years. If you plan on moving anytime soon, then we advise that you begin to declutter today. This saves you time and much-needed energy.

  • Pack your essentials

Moving so much stuff at a time can leave you searching for the most basic items like your toothbrush and pajamas. To avoid this, make sure you pack a small bag of essentials to use before the dismantling begins.

  • Book professionals early

If you plan to utilize professionals during your move, then it is imperative that you book their services on time to avoid last-minute disappointments, inconveniences, and hurried changes of plans.

  • Label your boxes and fragile items

Label which box has which item and is supposed to go into which room. We cannot stress how much easier this simple trick makes the entire moving process.

  • If they can’t move, they won’t break

Here’s a packing tip for moving your fragile items: if they can’t move, they won’t break. This goes for your china, figurines, and picture frames, as well as other breakable items. Place them in a box with a large towel or an old cardigan to serve as a buffer.

We saved the best option for last…

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